Realizing the Development Potential of Diasporas

image of Realizing the Development Potential of Diasporas
In this book, international experts including academics, policymakers, private sector practitioners, and representatives of diaspora communities further our understanding of how the growing population of expatriates from the developing world can be effectively leveraged to promote development in their homelands. The contributors cover issues relating to diaspora diversity and its impact on development, the potential of expatriates to further entrepreneurship and business development in their homelands, the effectiveness of remittances in furthering inclusive development, and policies to better engage diasporas as drivers of development. Their analyses are supported by examples and case studies focusing on the experiences of specific diaspora networks, home country institutions promoting diaspora engagement, migrant entrepreneurs, and financial institutions facilitating remittances.




We would like to thank several people who provided assistance in the preparation of this book. We began this project with endorsement from Oscar de Rojas, former Director of the Financing for Development Office in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and Selim Jahan, Director of Poverty Practice in the United Nations Development Programme. Subsequently, Alexander Trepelkov, who replaced Oscar de Rojas as Director of the Financing for Development Office, supported us at every stage of the publication of this book. To all these people, we would like to convey our sincere appreciation. We also wish to thank Michael Lennard, Tun Htet and Ann de Lima for their valuable assistance in the preparation of this book. The views presented in this book belong to us and the other contributors. In addition, we, the editors, take full responsibility for any errors.


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