Recent Trends in Chinese Migration to Europe

Fujianese Migration in Perspective

image of Recent Trends in Chinese Migration to Europe

This report presents recent findings regarding main trends in Chinese migration to Europe and detailed discussions on the particular characteristics of Fujianese flows. It demonstrates that migrants from the central and western parts of the Fujian province are shaping changing migration patterns and creating new trends. The report also describes the professional assistance received by these new migrants in the migration process.



Executive summary

This report presents some of the main findings of a research project on Fujianese migration to Europe entitled, At the Margin of the Chinese World System: The Fuzhou Diaspora in Europe. Among the new Chinese migrants, the Fujianese are an important flow, part (although by no means all) of which is irregular. Fujianese snakeheads have rapidly become the most visible expression of some of the changes taking place in Chinese migration worldwide, not least in Europe. A more detailed discussion of the characteristics of this flow will help to highlight some of the most salient issues and the policy choices confronting the governments of sending and receiving areas alike.


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