Recent Trends in Chinese Migration to Europe

Fujianese Migration in Perspective

image of Recent Trends in Chinese Migration to Europe

This report presents recent findings regarding main trends in Chinese migration to Europe and detailed discussions on the particular characteristics of Fujianese flows. It demonstrates that migrants from the central and western parts of the Fujian province are shaping changing migration patterns and creating new trends. The report also describes the professional assistance received by these new migrants in the migration process.




This appendix contains a review of some of the available data on Chinese migration and the total Chinese population in Europe. It does not claim to discuss all possible data sources, nor does it present an analysis of the demography of Chinese migration in Europe. Rather, the objectives of this exercise are much more limited. They are, first, to give an indication of the magnitude of the phenomena under scrutiny here and, second, to get a clearer picture of the many gaps in our knowledge that should be filled by future demographic research on the Chinese presence in Europe. The data presented in this appendix are quite patchy and do not provide a clear overview of the size and demographic dynamics of the Chinese population in Europe. Interpreting such data will have to happen with great care, as patterns and trends apparent from the data may often simply be a result of the vagaries of population registration and data collection.


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