Regional Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration

Approaches, Recent Activities and Implications for Global Governance of Migration

image of Regional Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration

This study reviews 25 interstate consultative mechanisms on migration: 18 RCPs and seven others, here termed interregional forums on migration (IRF) that appear to depart from the classic RCP model in some meaningful way. Each case review includes background on the origin and development of the mechanism, a brief discussion of the evolution of the agenda, identification of any linkages with multilateral agreements, and a note on the placement of the mechanism within the taxonomy of mechanisms suggested by the author. The study concludes with implications for harmonized governance of migration.




Most of the reviews of migration processes and forums in this paper are samplings of what exist out there, with some samplings defined by the specific characteristics of the migration process or forum and others by the topics they cover. This review has examined 25 regional and interregional processes and forums on migration along these three criteria: 1) background, 2) evolution of the agenda and 3) linkages with multilateral agreements. The process of researching, writing and vetting this review has led the author to the following insights.


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