The Role of Regional Consultative Process in Managing International Migration

image of The Role of Regional Consultative Process in Managing International Migration

The past ten years have seen an increase in the number of regional consultative processes focusing on migration. These non-binding fora bring representatives of states, civil society, and international organizations together at the regional level to discuss migration-related issues in a cooperative manner. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of regional consultative processes. It examines eleven regional processes and investigates the development and achievements of four of them in depth.



Assessment and comparative discussion

The four processes described here in more detail may be said, as noted throughout, to be at different stages of development. To recap, these stages of development are distinguished by, first, the decision to address issues of concern in a cooperative regional forum; second, to agree upon definitions, that is upon a “common language”; third, the agreement upon a Plan of Action or a list of goals and, fourth, a shift toward a more operational process. Nor is this fourth step a final one. It remains to be seen where regional consultative processes move and what they achieve. Whatever the future, regional consultative processes appear to have become an element of the international migration system, offering an alternative to the global system.


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