Towards Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region

Challenges and Opportunities

image of Towards Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region

International migration is a structural feature of an interconnected Asia-Pacific. The number of migrants to and from the region continues to grow, reflecting factors such as changing demographics, economic transformations, and increased connectivity, as well as showing the influence of instability and conflict in the region; meanwhile, the impacts of migration in all countries have grown to become more important; and the means adopted by countries have adapted to try to address these impacts in a positive manner. This report draws from existing research and provides information on the key trends in migration in the region; the drivers of migration; the impacts of migration; and policy responses at national and multilateral level and concludes with recommendations.



Impacts of migration

Migration is primarily driven by a desire for a better life, either for migrants themselves or their families. Undertaken as a free choice, with sufficient support and protective measures, and through efficient and safe legal channels, migration can make positive impacts in countries of destination and origin alike, as well as for migrants themselves. When migrants are compelled to move, under unsafe and disorderly conditions, the negative consequences are significan


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