Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

The Case of the Russian Federation

image of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

Trafficking in human beings has become one of the most serious problems in the Russian Federation. Trafficking in women is now a multi-billion dollar industry and a key source of revenue for Russian organized crime groups. The study examines the patterns and growth of this illegal activity in Russia, Europe and worldwide.



Laws and legislation

In its recent report on Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act 2000, Trafficking in Persons Report, the US Government classifies countries according to their efforts to combat “severe forms of trafficking in persons”. As of 2003, sanctions will be applied against countries which do not comply with minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and are not making significant efforts to do so. The “minimum standards” require that governments “prohibit severe forms of trafficking in persons and punish acts of such trafficking” for sex trafficking “prescribe punishment (for traffickers) commensurate with that for grave crimes, such as forcible sexual assault, and for trafficking “prescribe punishment that is sufficiently stringent to deter” traffickers.


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