World Migration Report 2000

image of World Migration Report 2000

International migration has become a global phenomenon involving a wide range of sending, destination, and transit countries and a diverse group of migrants. This report, produced by the United Nations and the International Organization for Migration, provides an authoritative account of contemporary trends, issues, and problems in the field of international migration. It examines the scale of migration and characteristics of international migrants, the types of movements, the contributing factors and policy issues. It also presents regional country profiles examining such issues as: trends in immigration and emigration; the integration of migrants; the consequences of irregular migration; and the extent of interregional cooperation between states.




This publication has benefited from the cooperation of many individuals from within IOM and outside. The generous support received from the Nippon Foundation through the Sasakawa Endowment Fund, has helped finance the initial work. In the early stages of the project, Reginald Appleyard and Jeffrey Crisp shared constructive ideas. In addition to the contributions by the authors of the regional chapters, the work of Susan Martin who wrote the introductory chapter and, together with Mary Ann Larkin, edited the publication was invaluable. At IOM headquarters, Jean-Paul Chardin, Brian Gushulak, Jill Helke, Yorio Tanimura and Thomas Weiss provided precious inputs. The assistance of Minna Nathanson and Angela Pedersen with the layout and of David Thompson, who did the meticulous proofreading, helped to achieve the result you have now in front of you.


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