World Migration Report 2010

The Future of Migration - Building Capacities for Change

image of World Migration Report 2010

This Report focuses on the future of migration and the capacities that will be required by States, regional and international organizations, civil society and the private sector to manage migration successfully over the coming decades. Ten years ago there were 150 million migrants. Now, the number of migrants has grown to 214 million, and the figure could rise to 405 million by 2050, as a result of demographic disparities, environmental change, global political and economic dynamics, technological revolutions and social networks. This Report argues that it is essential for States to be able to develop the comprehensive knowledge and efficient, flexible institutions that they will need to promote and implement humane and orderly policies for the movement of people, now and in the future.

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The term ‘capacity-building’ is often used by donors and international organizations in an arrow sense – for example, to refer to staff development through formal education and training programmes to redress the lack of qualified personnel in a project in the short term. Even where the concept is understood more broadly, there are competing definitions (for example, those provided by UNDP and the UN General Assembly), and further confusion is added where the concept ‘capacity development’ is used, although normally capacity development refers to a process of change driven internally – for example, by and within institutions or governments – rather than the external support typically implied by capacity-building. Given its currency among most governments and international organizations in the international migration context, this report uses the term ‘capacity building’, which it defines as:

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