World Population Policies 2019

image of World Population Policies 2019

The 2019 edition of the World Population Policies report, a report published biennially since 2003, focuses on Government policies and programmes on international migration. It provides an overview of policies to govern regular migration and to address irregular migration, and reviews an array of policy measures related to migrants’ rights, including access to services, as well as policies to foster the integration of migrants into host societies. The report also examines Government measures to maximise the development impacts of migration and to support diasporas. The 2019 World Population Policies report presents the official Government responses to the module on international migration (module III) of the United Nations Twelfth Inquiry among Governments on Population and Development (the “Inquiry”). The Population Division has been implementing the Inquiry every five years since 1963 as part of its mandate to systematically monitor population policies at the international level.



Irregular migration

While there is no universally accepted definition, irregular migration is often equated with movement that takes place outside the regulatory norms, laws and international agreements governing the entry into or exit from countries of origin, transit or destination (IOM, 2019b). Partially owing to the challenge of monitoring the change in migratory status of an individual, data on irregular migration are often not available. For countries that do have data, estimates can vary significantly depending on the method used (UN ECE, 2012). Regardless of the magnitude of the phenomenon, irregular migration poses multiple challenges to countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as to migrants themselves. Migrants in irregular situations are often vulnerable to discrimination and abuse and are at risk of being exploited by transnational criminal networks involved in human trafficking9 and migrant smuggling.


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