Analysis of National Case Studies on Policy Reforms to Promote Energy Efficiency Investments

Synthesis Report Based on Case Studies from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, China, Croatia, Egypt, Georgia, Kuwait, Montenegro, Morocco, South Africa, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, Zambia

image of Analysis of National Case Studies on Policy Reforms to Promote Energy Efficiency Investments
This publication aims to identify existing barriers to energy efficiency policy implementation and to provide recommendations to policymakers for reforms that can support market formation and foster favourable climate for investments in energy efficiency. It develops a benchmark that should serve as a reference point for policymakers and energy experts working in the field of energy efficiency. This benchmark is a synthesis of policy incentives that should be in place in order to stimulate and ensure successful energy efficiency policy outcomes. The desired policies are divided into three groups: 1) legal, institutional and regulatory; 2) economic and financial; and 3) socio-political. A set of these policies in place at a sufficient degree in a particular country is a basis for successful formulation and implementation of energy efficiency policies and related projects.

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ECA region — Review, analysis and options to move forward to established benchmark for selected countries

The ECA Region is composed of the 53 countries of different sizes, demographic characteristics and socio-economic development levels. Patterns of energy production and consumption are also very diverse on the African continent. Africa is known to be lagging behind other major world’s regions in terms of level of industrialization, modern energy consumption and electrification rates. Africa has the lowest electrification rate in the world and it is anticipated that half of the population living in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) will still be without access to electricity by 2030 if strong policy measures are not taken to reverse the current situation. Yet, the region is endowed with fairly significant energy and other natural resources. In spite of low level of development of its energy resources, the ECA region is a net energy exporter, as it produces more energy than it consumes, particularly in case of oil and natural gas.

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