ESCWA Water Development Report 6

The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region

image of ESCWA Water Development Report 6
This sixth issue of the ESCWA Water Development Report offers an analytical framework and a series of case studies for understanding the water-energy-food security nexus in the Arab region. The analytical framework considers the inter-linkages that affect the achievement of water security, energy security and food security through the lens of sustainable development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals with a view to climate change and ensuring access to food, water and sustainable energy for all through a human rights approach to sustainable development.



Conclusions and recommendations

The current state of the water, energy and food sectors in the Arab region strongly suggests the need for a shift in the current segmented and uncoordinated sectoral management of the natural resources to a more integrated natural resources management approach that reduces waste, increases efficiency, considers the implications of climate change, and leads to more sustainable development for the region. However, if the WEF nexus is pursued from a people-centred approach, it is preferable to frame the interdependencies between these sectors from the perspective of a WEF security nexus approach that is based on the right to development and ensuring water, energy and food for all. A new holistic systems approach is thus needed to pursue the management of the natural resources and the delivery of basic services that breaks the silo mentality and generates win-win opportunities focusing on synergies rather than conflicts and competition across sectors.


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