Guidance on water and adaptation to climate change

image of Guidance on water and adaptation to climate change
Climate change will result in significant impacts on our water resources and some of the effects are already visible now. Moreover, climate change impacts on water resources will have cascading effects on human health and many parts of the economy and society, as various sectors directly depend on water. The Guidance aims to spur climate change adaptation that takes into account the transboundary dimension of water management. It is a novel and innovative product which focuses on the transboundary setting and illustrates the steps needed to develop an adaptation strategy.

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Financial matters

The private sector typically engages in adaptation in cases where it can directly benefit from its investments. Governments should complement the private sector contribution to adaptation to ensure that adaptation is funded up to the socially desirable level. This can be achieved by setting policies and putting in place an appropriate regulatory framework to help markets stimulate adaptation.

English Russian, French

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