Partnership for Universal Access to Modern Energy Services

A Global Assessment Report by United Nations Regional Commissions

image of Partnership for Universal Access to Modern Energy Services
This report finds that successful partnerships actively promote community empowerment through engagement of community members in leading to a higher level of ownership of community based energy projects. It aims to provide examples of practical experiences and good practices, to demonstrate that public-private renewable energy partnerships can play an effective role for improving energy access to the rural poor and help to create the inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future we want.



Partnerships for energy access

Collaborations and programs involving Governments as well as businesses, non-profit organizations, banks and community based cooperatives have blossomed in recent years as one way to raise this needed investment to achieve universal energy access. The provision of energy services through renewable energy is capital intensive and requires significant upfront costs compared to conventional energy technology. In most of cases, Government investments and public budgets have proved insufficient to meet the needs of improving energy services in rural areas in a sustainable manner. There is a great need for mobilizing financial resources to expand local energy services dellvery.


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