The United Nations World Water Development Report 2015

Volume I - Water for a Sustainable World; Volume II - Facing the Challenges, Case Studies and Indicators

image of The United Nations World Water Development Report 2015

The 2015 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR 2015), titled Water for a Sustainable World, was launched at the official celebration of the World Water Day, on March 20. The WWDR 2015 demonstrates how water resources and services are essential to achieving global sustainability. Taking account of economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability, the report’s forward-looking narrative describes how major challenges and change factors in the modern world will affect – and can be affected by – water resources, services and related benefits. The report provides a comprehensive overview of major and emerging trends from around the world, with examples of how some of the trend-related challenges have been addressed, their implications for policy-makers, and further actions that can be taken by stakeholders and the international community.

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Europe and North America

Many countries in the UNECE region have high levels of economic development and per capita resource use, which exert increasing pressure on natural resources. at the same time, poverty is widespread in the eastern part of the pan-european region (south-eastern europe, eastern europe, the Caucasus and Central asia), where economic development is a priority. in both cases, the main challenges are increasing resource use efficiency, reducing waste, influencing consumption patterns and choosing appropriate technologies. there is friction between water use sectors in many basins in the region (UNECE, 2011). the challenge is to look beyond water to other sectors and address the need for more integration and coherence of sectoral policies. reconciling different water uses at the basin level and improving policy coherence nationally and across borders will be priorities for many years to come.

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