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Looking back on the recent 70th anniversary of the United Nations and the monumental adoption of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is necessary to pause and recognize the historic achievement of the inclusion of SDG 7 on energy in the new...
Every day hundreds of unlicensed fishing vessels enter African waters and trawl for shrimp, sardines, tuna, and mackerel. According to a study commissioned by the UK’s aid agency, such trawlers are costing Africa some $1 bn every year. But illegal...
For several years after war erupted in Côte d’Ivoire in 2002, children were recruited to fight on all sides of the conflict. But with the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement last year, such recruitment has essentially ceased, UN...
  • 27 Feb 2018
  • Fekitamoeloa Utoikamanu
  • Pages: 4
Why at all would we want to safeguard cultural and linguistic diversity you may wish to ask, when we talk so much about the global citizen?
This article seeks to define and characterize the urban structure of Santiago, Chile, based on the relation between its inhabitants’ places of residency and work, which form local labour market zones. The article explains the criteria and...
In 1997, a dramatic scene played out near Los Angeles as a newborn grey whale was discovered stranded in Marina del Rey. It had become separated from its mother during the annual migration from Alaska to Mexico. Hundreds of volunteers commandeered...
From the air the forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) stretch as far as the eye can see, broken only by distant, shining ribbons of rivers and streams. Dense, deep, seemingly impenetrable, the forests of the Central African region...
In this article the author examines recent trends in the coefficient of domestic saving —or the unconsumed portion of the product— in the region. He shows how it has stagnated in relation to the saving prevalent before the external debt crisis,...
Water is a basic necessity of life, and it may seem inconceivable to imagine living without it. But the stark reality is that many people around the world do. The availability of fresh water for drinking and sanitation poses an urgent and challenging...
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) constitute a shared vision of global partnership based on mutual accountability. Developing countries have the primary responsibility for achieving these Goals. But the international community acknowledges that...
This article aims to present some salient aspects of the reflections of the distinguished thinker José Medina Echavarrfa on the problems of peace, the cold war and the prospects for détente.
This paper provides an overview of population dynamics and scenarios of population change in the environmentally vulnerable coastal Ganges Brahmaputra Delta region. The main data sources used for the study include the most recent and historical...
  • 19 Jun 2018
  • Elisabetta Aurino, Jean-Pierre Tranchant, Amadou Sekou Diallo, Aulo Gelli
  • Pages: 80
We rely on a unique pre-crisis baseline and five-year follow-up to investigate the effects of emergency school feeding and general food distribution (GFD) on children’s schooling during conflict in Mali. We estimate programme impact on child...
This article looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the policies proposed in the Argentine National Multi-year Science and Technology Plan, 1998-2000, within the conceptual framework of the National Innovation System (NIS) approach. In the light of...
Dr. Monty Jones, a plant scientist from Sierra Leone, became the first African ever to win the prestigious World Food Prize at a ceremony in the US farming state of Iowa on 14 October. He was honoured for his breakthrough work in developing the New...
  • 09 May 2018
  • Peter M. Christian
  • Pages: 2
Last autumn in Dubai, the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, representing every country in the world, agreed to work to amend the treaty in 2016 to phase down the highly potent greenhouse gases called HFCs. With negotiations having started in Geneva...
  • 18 Jun 2018
  • António Guterres
  • Pages: 1
We have the right to live in a clean environment. We expect to be able to eat, drink and breathe without risking our health. Yet, we continue to pollute our air, land, waterways and oceans. We trigger sand and dust storms due to climate change and...
This study analyses the determinants of firm dynamics in developing countries, using Argentina as an illustrative case. It explains firm entry and exit at the regional level, distinguishing three groups of manufacturing activities: low-, medium- and...
  • 05 Jan 2018
  • Patricio Aroca, Nicolás Garrido
  • Pages: 18
This article decomposes total factor productivity (TFP) by economic sector, using data from the Chilean economy’s input-output matrices for 1996, 2003 and 2010. The analysis focuses on the effects of changes in three areas: sectoral demand; the...
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