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Trade is an important tool in a country’s strides towards growth and development. Trade allows a country to tap into larger markets and, as such, expands income. It forces a country to acquire new technology and skills, which again enhances...
Reality is dawning on companies in Zambia: Unless they initiate effective policies to combat HIV/AIDS, they risk seeing their workforces wiped out. “The devastating effect of HIV/AIDS on the corporation’s human resources is a great concern,” says Ms....
Charles Dhewa loved to write about agriculture, especially soil and crops. In early 2000 he decided to turn his words into action by becoming a cattle and horticulture farmer in Zimbabwe. He bought a small farm in Marondera, a town about an hour’s...
Zimbabwe needs 1.8 million tonnes of the staple maize every year to meet the needs of its people and livestock. Only 798,500 tonnes were produced during the 2012/13 agricultural season. As a result, the country that was once dubbed “the breadbasket...
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