Year in Review: United Nations Peace Operations, 2011

image of Year in Review: United Nations Peace Operations, 2011

The Year in Review features the activities of the UN Peacekeeping Missions in 2011, highlighting the successes and challenges that emerge throughout the year towards maintaining peace and security, protecting civilians, and providing support to fragile societies and governments in a post-conflict setting.



Preventive diplomacy: A necessity, not an option

When crises break or threaten to erupt in violence, rapid diplomatic action — also known as preventive diplomacy — is one of the oldest tools available to the United Nations to prevent bloodshed or escalation. Today, this instrument is gathering renewed force at the UN, as quiet successes breed confidence in its application, recent investments in capacity take root, avenues for effective partnerships expand and Member States search for cost-effective answers to crises at a time of global economic strain.


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