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Factors affecting delay in obtaining an abortion among unmarried young women in three cities in China

Unwanted pregnancy, which is relatively common in China, usually leads to induced abortion. Although unmarried young women are at higher risk of delay in seeking an abortion, this population has rarely been studied in China. The present paper uses a survey of 1,271 unmarried women aged 15-24 years who sought an abortion in three cities in China. It was found that 20.5 per cent, 4.4 per cent and 4.9 per cent of unmarried women seeking abortions in Shanghai, Chengdu and Taiyuan, respectively, had done so after 10 weeks of pregnancy. The reasons for the delay in seeking an abortion were related to: the stages of suspecting and confirming the pregnancy; deciding on a course of action; and obtaining the services. Women were less likely to delay seeking an abortion if their partners were involved in the decision-making. Fearing condemnation, relatively few women informed parents of their pregnancy. The findings indicate the need for improved education on sexual and reproductive health and abortion services to increase the knowledge of young women and men and to improve the social support system.


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