Handbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Censuses

image of Handbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Censuses

This Handbook reflects current practices in census management and provides concrete examples of census processes used in developed and developing countries. It presents an extensive coverage of techniques that can be used for quality assurance in every phase of the census cycle. The publication provides guidance on how to develop a structure able to effectively manage the census planning and operational processes; to plan all the processes that need to be considered in establishing a census; and to design control and monitoring processes. It is an ideal reference document on management aspects of conducting a population and housing census for national statistical offices, census and survey statisticians, social scientists and demographers, and international organizations involved in population activities.



Derived variables

In order to get the best use out of their census or survey data, countries often need variables that are combinations and variations of other variables. For example, the item on economic activity status (see chapter IV, sect. D.1) is already a combination of several collected variables on the census. Rather than having to develop a program to recode the information each time the national statistical/census office wants a special tabulation, data processing specialists can write a program to make the recode once, store the recoded information on the person’s record, and then use it for further tabulations. National statistical/census offices need to decide how often the recodes will be used in tabulations and how relevant a particular recode will be when they determine whether or not to produce and store the information. It is important to remember that the recodes also take up room on the person records. The larger the population size, the more space will be used.


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