Handbook on Population and Housing Census Editing

Revision 1

image of Handbook on Population and Housing Census Editing

The purpose of the present publication is to provide countries with a broad overview of census and survey data editing methodology and to provide information for concerned officials on the use of various approaches to census editing. It is also intended to encourage countries to retain a history of their editing experiences, promote communication among subject matter and data processing specialists, and document the activities undertaken in the current census or survey in order to avoid duplicating effort during the next census or survey. The Handbook also reviews advantages and disadvantages of manual and computer-assisted editing.




The United Nations has, over the years, issued a series of handbooks and technical reports intended to assist countries in planning and carrying out improved and cost-effective population and housing censuses. These handbooks and reports have been reviewed from time to time and repeated to reflect new developments and emerging issues in census-taking. The present publication is part of a series of handbooks that have been developed to assist countries in preparing for the 2000 and future rounds of censuses. The other handbooks in the series include


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