Integrating a Gender Perspective into Statistics

image of Integrating a Gender Perspective into Statistics

The primary objective of the manual is to foster a gender perspective in national statistics. Recognizing that systematic integration of gender in regular statistical activities is still missing in many countries, the manual has been designed to guide a sustainable development of gender statistics. The manual provides concrete information needed to accomplish three main goals: (a) achieve a comprehensive coverage of gender issues in data production activities; (b) incorporate a gender perspective into the design of surveys or censuses, by taking into account gender issues and gender-biases in measurement; and (c) improve data analysis and data presentation and deliver gender statistics in a format easy to use by policy makers and planners.




Gender equality has been increasingly recognized as being essential to the process of sustainable development and the formulation of effective national development policies and programmes. The demand for gender statistics has increased over the years owing to international conventions and gender mainstreaming in policies. However, while many national statistical offices have attempted to establish and succeeded in establishing sound gender statistics programmes, additional guidance is needed to improve the availability of data and to ensure a proper mainstreaming of gender issues in all areas of official statistics.


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