Population and Development Report, Issue No. 5

Youth Exclusion in the ESCWA Region - Demographic, Economic, Educational and Cultural Factors

image of Population and Development Report, Issue No. 5
This publication is one of a series of analytical Reports issued by the Population and Social Development Section of the Social Development Division at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). It aims to deepen knowledge of the interrelation between population and development issues. The fifth edition of this Report focuses on the millions of young people in the ESCWA member countries suffering multifaceted exclusion, which impede life progress of young people and reduce their integration in society. Expeditious short and medium term interventions within declared powerful youth policies guided by the World Program of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond and best international practices are needed for national and regional development.



Conclusions and recommendations

In recent years, youth in ESCWA member countries have faced a set of challenges in employment, education and social participation that have affected their economic, social, and political integration and participation, leading to the emergence of several facets of exclusion of youth in many countries, albeit to varying degrees. The reasons for exclusion are many and varied: demographic, educational, cultural, economic, political and ethnic; hence there is a need to formulate declared national youth policies and establish multifaceted activities to address its various aspects. Addressing exclusion should be the top priority of national youth and development policies, as well as being placed at the heart of public policy. Countries should also develop knowledge frameworks that define community roles for young people and contribute to policy formulation and implementation aimed at young people as a special category.


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