Population and Development Report

Youth in the ESCWA Region - Situation Analysis and Implications for Development Policies

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This publication is one of a series of analytical Reports issued by the Population and Social Development Section of the Social Development Division at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). It aims to deepen knowledge of the interrelation between population and development issues. The fourth edition of this Report is issued as one of the work programme activities of the Population and Social Development Section. These activities stress the importance to treat youth as a distinct sociodemographic group that needs to be targeted by specific national policies.



Analysis of the situation of youth in the ESCWA region

This chapter aims to analyse the situation of youth in the ESCWA region with regard to education, employment, health and participation in public life. It reviews key indicators, trends and priorities, identifies main challenges facing youth, and sheds light on the causes and roots of these challenges, the understanding of which requires a review of regional and international indicators of youth development, as well as national indicators at the level of ESCWA member countries. Hence, this chapter summarizes the analyses provided in the used references and in the national reports on the situation of youth and the response to the World Programme of Action for Youth submitted by delegates of ESCWA member countries to the Expert Group Meeting on Reinforcing Social Equity: Integrating Youth into the Development Process, Abu Dhabi, 29-31 March 2009.


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