Principles and recommendations for population and housing censuses

image of Principles and recommendations for population and housing censuses

The population and housing census is part of an integrated national statistical system, which may include other censuses (for example, agriculture), surveys, registers and administrative files. It provides, at regular intervals, the benchmark for population count at national and local levels. For small geographical areas or sub-populations, it may represent the only source of information for certain social, demographic and economic characteristics. For many countries the census also provides a solid framework to develop sampling frames. This publication represents one of the pillars for data collection on the number and characteristics of the population of a country.



Planning, organization and administration of population and housing censuses

The present chapter deals primarily with the operational aspects of traditional population and housing censuses and the very lengthy and detailed preparations that must be made in order to take such censuses successfully. Because of the technical and administrative complexities involved, the principles of census management provided below should be considered a review of the points to be taken into account in planning and executing a traditional population and housing census rather than a comprehensive treatment of the subject.


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