State of World Population 1999

6 Billion - A Time for Choices

image of State of World Population 1999

Women are having fewer children than ever before, and population growth has slowed from 2.0 to 1.3 percent in 30 years; but large families in the recent past mean that there are many more women of childbearing age. Global population is still rising by about 78 million people a year. Half the world is under 25 and there are over a billion young people between 15 and 24, the parents of the next generation. The State of World Population 1999 highlights the critical decisions facing the international community as the world population passed the 6 billion mark in October 1999. How fast the next billion people are added, the effect on natural resources and the environment, and the quality of life will depend on policy and funding decisions taken in the next 5 to 10 years, according to this 1999 report.

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Finding the resources

Thirty years after UNFPA started its operations with $1 million, global resources for population and development are reckoned in billions of dollars. Five years after the historic consensus of the ICPD, its goals are universally accepted as necessary to promote human rights and personal well-being, fight poverty and improve national and global security.

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