State of World Population 2003

Making One Billion Count - Investing in Adolescents’ Health and Rights

image of State of World Population 2003

The largest generation of adolescents in history —1.2 billion kids—is preparing to enter adulthood in a rapidly changing world. This State of World Population Report examines the challenges and risks this generation faces and their impact on adolescents’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The Report focuses on HIV/AIDS, incomplete education, early marriage and child bearing; it stresses the need for youth to have more access to knowledge, increased opportunities, and wider choices so as to lead healthy and productive lives and to contribute fully to their communities. A wealth of statistics, graphs, indicators, and thorough analyses are included in the Report.

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HIV/AIDs and adolescents

HIV/AIDS has become a disease of young people, with young adults aged 15-24 accounting for half of the some 5 million new cases of HIV infection worldwide each year. Yet young people often lack the information, skills and services they need to protect themselves from HIV infection. Providing these is crucial to turning back the epidemic.

English Spanish, French

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