State of World Population 2010

From Conflict and Crisis to Renewal - Generations of Change

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In 2000, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1325, recognizing the vulnerability of women and girls to violence during and after armed conflict, and the absence (or low level) of women’s representation in efforts to prevent war, build peace and restore devastated societies. This Report highlights how women in conflict and post-conflict situations — as well as in emergencies or protracted crises — are faring a decade later. It is constructed around interviews and reporting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Jordan, Liberia, the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, Timor-Leste and Uganda, which are rebuilding with limited resources. Some have experienced profound social changes as a result of war and displacement.

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Imprisoned at home: Life under occupation

In Gaza several years ago, when women in the town of Beit Hanoon were prevented from getting to hospitals by Israeli incursions and roadblocks, Fiza Shraim decided to create a temporary delivery room in a primary care clinic that women were able to reach. Shraim—a winner of the 2010 Americans for UNFPA Award for the Health and Dignity of Women—had seen a need around her and found a way to meet it.

English French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish

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