State of World Population 2015

Shelter from the Storm - A Transformative Agenda for Women and Girls in a Crisis-Prone World

image of State of World Population 2015
Natural disasters and conflicts jeopardize the health of millions of women and adolescent girls every year. While remarkable progress has been achieved during the past decade protecting the health and rights of women and adolescent girls in humanitarian settings, the growth in need has outstripped the growth in funding and services. Yet, these services are of critical importance, especially for very young adolescent girls, who are the most vulnerable and least able to confront the many challenges they face, even in stable times. The State of World Population 2015 describes the impact of crises on women and girls and proposes a transformative agenda for the future.

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Resilience and bridging the humanitarian-development divide

The profound human impact of disasters and conflicts on people, communities, institutions and nations highlights the critical importance of building resilience so all may better withstand the effects of crises and recover from them more quickly. Building resilience can also help mitigate the potential negative effects on the sexual and reproductive health of women and adolescent girls.

English Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic

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