State of World Population 2016

How Our Future Depends on a Girl at this Decisive Age

image of State of World Population 2016
In 15 years, the lifespan of the 2030 Agenda, the 10-year-old girl will be 25. Will she still be left behind? Or will she be enjoying her human rights and well-being, and exploring the many avenues open to her, knowing that, when her own daughter turns 10, she will experience more of the same? Only the latter scenario will allow the world to truly claim that it transformed the course of development and met the challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals. Much depends on the choices we all make, from parents to policymakers, educators to health-care professionals, economists to entrepreneurs, journalists to community leaders. Today’s 10-year-old girl is on the way to her future. And her future is our own.

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Imagine and act: Transforming the world for every 10-year-old girl

By 2030, the world could be a dramatically different place for a 10-year-old girl. If the United Nations goals for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development are achieved in 15 years, every 10-year-old will have every opportunity to be healthy, protected and in school. She would not be married or mutilated against her will. Her rights would be upheld in the law and fully supported through broad social consensus. She would no longer be left far behind the 10-year-old boy.

English Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French

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