Asia-Pacific Population Journal

For over two decades, the Asia-Pacific Population Journal (APPJ) has been taking the pulse of population and social issues unfolding in the region. Published by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), APPJ brings out high quality, evidence-based and forward-looking articles relevant for population policies and programmes in Asia and the Pacific. Prominent population experts, award-winning demographers, as well as lesser known researchers have been contributing articles, documenting over the years the evolution of thinking in this important sphere.


Substance use and premarital sex among adolescents in Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Thailand

Early initiation of smoking and drinking are well known to have both immediate and long-term adverse health and social consequences (CDC, 1994; Gruber and others, 1996; WHO, 1997). Premarital sex during adolescence is often unprotected against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, and as a consequence, often results in adverse social, economic, and health consequences (UNICEF, UNAIDS and WHO, 2002; WHO, 2001). For these reasons, substance use and premarital sex during adolescence are regarded as risk-taking behaviour. Limited studies on substance use and premarital sex also indicate that the prevalence of these risk-taking behaviours among adolescents is increasing in Asian countries (Corraro and others, 2000; Tan, 1994; Issarabhakdi, 2000). In order to formulate and implement effective adolescent health policies and programmes it is essential that the prevalence of adolescent risk-taking behaviousr and the factors associated with them are identified.


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