United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1948

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1948
The Economic and Social Council at its fourth session, 28 February to 29 March 1947, recommended that the United Nations publish "a demographic yearbook, containing regular series of basic demographic statistics, comparable within and among themselves, and relevant calculations of comparable rates." This action of the Economic and Social Council stemmed from the report of the first session of the Statistical Commission, which had recommended that "demographic data concerning the different countries of the world be assembled and published by the United Nations," and from the report of the first session of the Population Commission, which had stated its belief that "the regular provision of accurate, comparable and comprehensive statistical and other data concerning populations and population movements is of the greatest importance to the United Nations and to the specialized agencies," and recommended that there be authorized ". . . in addition to any inclusion of population statistics in general annual or other periodic publications of the United Nations, the publication by the Secretary General of a demographic yearbook."

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Population (English)

The size, characteristics, and distribution of a population in a country is usually determined by means of an enumeration or census of its inhabitants. The planning of a census of population involves both the determination, of the items to be included on the schedule for investigation, and the method by which answers are to be obtained to these questions. Either of two general methods of enumeration may be employed, the individual interview by an enumerator, or the method in which the householder completes and returns the schedule to the statistical authorities. Some enumerations are based on combined use of these methods.


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