Nations Unies Annuaire Démographique 1949-1950

image of Nations Unies Annuaire Démographique 1949-1950
Le present ouvrage constitue la deuxieme edition de I'Annuaire demographique des Nations Unies. Dans la premiere edition, les statistiques courantes se rapportaient principalement a 1947, et les series chronologiques n'allaient pas plus loin que cette annee-Ia. Des progres dans l'execution du programme ont permis de faire figurer dans Ie present volume non seulement des statistiques relatives a l'annee 1948 mais aussi, dans bien des cas, des donnees pour 1949.

English, French


World population trends, 1920-1949

In spite of a steadily increasing volume of reliable population statistics, the task of assessing world population trends remains a formidable one. Reliable population estimates still do not exist for a considerable part of the world. The position with regard to vital statistics is even more unsatisfactory. At some time in the future it may be possible to estimate accurately the population of the entire world and to analyse with some precision the processes of population change in all the regions of the earth. In the meantime there is a persistent demand for the best possible estimates of the size and growth of world population, though it is realized that errors and uncertainties are bound to be present in the results of even the most careful analysis.


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