United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1955

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1955
This 7th issue of the Demographic Yearbook, prepared by the Statistical Office of the United Nations, features statistics of population censuses taken between 1945 and 1954. It contains, in addition, the revised and extended regular series of demographic statistics published annually, namely estimates of population, statistics of natality, mortality, nuptiality, divorce, and life-table functions, as well as Technical Notes, a Bibliography, and Indexes.

English, French


Background to the 1950 censuses of population

The census of population has a long tradition, going back to the days of antiquity. Though the process was not always known as a "census," its first purpose was to supply a count of the people. Gradually, the purpose of the population census has been modified to meet the changing needs of society. Thus, the modern census has no administrative uses similar to those of the Roman census of 2000 years ago.


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