United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1967

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1967
The 1967 Demographic Yearbook is the nineteenth in the series of compendia of demographic statistics issued by the Statistical Office of the United Nations since 1948. The special topic of this issue, like that of the eighteenth (1966) issue, is mortality statistics. This departure from the usual plan of publication, whereby a different field of demographic statistics receives intensive treatment each year, was occasioned by the amount of mortality data currently available which is too large to be encompassed in one issue of the Demographic Yearbook. The 1967 issue emphasizes urban/rural differentials and seasonal mortality whereas the 1966 issue featured extended time trends of total deaths, infant deaths, late foetal deaths and perinatal deaths.

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Statistical concepts and definitions of urban and rural population

This 1967 issue of the Demographic Yearbook features mortality statistics, as did the 1966 issue, but the emphasis here is on the urban/rural differentials of fertility and mortality. Seven tables are designed to show data separately by urban and rural residence; these are, (1) population by age and sex; (2) live births and crude birth rates; (3) infant deaths and infant mortality rates; (4) deaths and crude death rates; (5) deaths by age and sex; (6) death rates specific for age and sex and (7) deaths by cause, age and sex.


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