United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1970

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1970
The 1970 Demographic Yearbook is the twenty-second in the series of compendia of demographic statistics issued by the Statistical Office of the United Nations since 1948. In accordance with a cyclical rotation plan of publication, a different field of demographic statistics receives intensive treatment each year. The special topic of the present issue is historical trends of population size and characteristics, which were last featured in the 1960 issue of the Demographic Yearbook.

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How well do we know the present size and trend of the world population?

In the 1969 issue of the Demographic Yearbook the size of the world's population was estimated, for mid-year 1969, at 3552 million, an increase by 376 million over the estimate for 1963. If these figures were exact, they would imply that world population increased, from 1963 to 1969, at an average annual rate of 1.88 per cent; in absolute numbers, the annual addition averaged 63 million in those six years, and perhaps 69 million between mid-years 1968 and 1969 equivalent to an acceleration to a rate of 1.98 per cent. Are the estimates accurate enough to support such an inference? What is the range of possible error in the estimated world totals and the figures for regions?


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