United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1972

image of United Nations Demographic Yearbook 1972
The Demographic Yearbook 1972 is the twenty-fourth in the series of compendia of demographic statistics issued by the United Nations since 1948 and the second of three consecutive issues featuring the results of population censuses held during the period 1965-1972.

English, French


Statistical definitions of urban population and their uses in applied demography

Among the most significant changes now affecting all mankind is the ever-increasing concentration of population in special areas, sometimes entire regions which, from a variety of standpoints, are regarded as "urban". It has been estimated, for instance, that the world's "urban" population-as each country may define it-totalled 360 million in 1920 and about 1000 million in 1960 while by this century's end it may surpass 3000 million. Such a drastic transformation of the human habitat has farreaching implications for the organization and development of almost every sphere of collective life and, for these reasons, requires painstaking demographic study.


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