World Migration Report 2013

Migrant Well-being and Development

image of World Migration Report 2013
This publication, the seventh report in IOM’s World Migration Report (WMR) series, explores the positive and negative effects of migration on individual well-being. It is published amidst a growing debate on how the benefits of migration can best be harnessed for development. This report contributes to the global debate on migration and development in three ways, specifically, by presenting a more holistic picture of development, by assessing the well-being of migrants worldwide for the first time using findings of the Gallup World Poll conducted in more than 150 countries, and by analysing how migration outcomes differ depending on the origin and destination of migrants.

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Since the first-ever United Nations General Assembly High-level Dialogue (HLD) on International Migration and Development in 2006, there has been increasing international debate about how best to harness the benefits of migration for development. Yet migration remains inadequately integrated into development frameworks at national and local levels, and there is limited public understanding and appreciation of the contribution that migrants make to the development of their countries of origin and destination.

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