World Mortality Report 2015

image of World Mortality Report 2015

World Mortality Report 2015 is a publication that provides an overview of the estimated and projected trends in mortality at the world level, for development groups and major areas; the analysis also focuses on country and regional data for selected mortality indicators. In addition to examining the summary indicator of life expectancy at birth, the report analyzes levels and trends in mortality for key age groups in childhood and provides a snapshot of adult and “old age” mortality levels. It also examines the socio-economic determinants of child hood mortality at the aggregate level across countries, and on disparities within countries in 50 low and middle income countries (LMIC) based on Demographic and Health Surveys data.



Executive summary

The global increase of living standard, the improvement in health and the consequent reduction in mortality over the last six and a half decades are among the notable achievements of development. Central to this transformation has been the epidemiological transition, from predominantly infectious causes of death to a predominance of deaths due chronic and degenerative diseases. The epidemiological transition entailed a shift in the age pattern of mortality from one in which childhood diseases were more common to a situation where disease and mortality are highly concentrated at older ages, thus the importance of analysing mortality in childhood, adulthood and at old age. The driving force in this transition is socioeconomic development accompanied by investments in public health and education.


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