World population ageing 2013

image of World population ageing 2013
World Population Ageing 2013 provides a description of global trends in population ageing and includes a series of indicators of the ageing process by development regions, major areas, regions and countries. It considers the process of population ageing for the world as a whole, for more and less developed regions, major areas and regions as well as individual countries or areas. Demographic profiles highlighting the relevant indicators of population ageing and covering the period 1950 to 2050 are provided for each country or area.




By the end of the twentieth century, ageing was well under way in the more developed countries where the demographic transition started earlier. Ageing was beginning to take place in many developing countries that had experienced significant and sometimes quite fast fertility declines, mostly in Asia and Latin America. If the current projections are realized, ageing will become a virtually universal phenomenon during the twenty-first century, although it will progress with different intensity and speed across countries and regions. This global demographic shift entails fundamental social, economic and development challenges and opportunities, not the least of which is the increasing priority to satisfy the needs of older persons while enabling them to have longer, healthier and more productive lives.


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