World Population Ageing 2015

image of World Population Ageing 2015

Accurate, consistent and timely data on global trends in population age structure are critical for assessing current and future needs with respect to population ageing and for setting policy priorities to promote the well-being of the growing number and share of older persons in the population. This publication summarizes the trends in population ageing drawn from the latest United Nations estimates and projections of population by age and sex of 233 countries or areas, as published in World Population Prospects: the 2015 Revision. The report focuses in particular on the period from 2015 to 2030, the implementation period identified for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and discusses some implications of trends in the number and share of older persons for development planning, including with respect to poverty eradication and economic growth, social protection, and the health and well-being of older persons.



Population ageing and sustainable development

World population ageing is a consequence, in part, of substantial progress in improving the health and well-being and reducing mortality risks faced by people around the globe. People are living longer, and, in many cases, healthier lives than ever before. The benefits of greater longevity to individuals, families and society are many. Longer lives can afford individuals opportunities to prolong their working life, embark on second careers, or pursue varied interests in old age. Families benefit from the contributions of older generations, for example, through financial support, assistance with household maintenance, or participation in childcare. Societies benefit from the wisdom and experience of older persons and from their contributions to the labour force, as well as from their volunteerism, philanthropy and civic engagement.


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