Knowledge is Power

Know your Status, Know your Viral Load

image of Knowledge is Power

This publication provides readers with vital information and statistics on the HIV epidemic. For people who may have been exposed to HIV, knowledge is critical to making informed decisions about their future. An HIV test is a serious event with potentially serious outcomes. But no matter the result, the test provides vital information. A negative result is an opportunity to take deliberate steps to prevent future acquisition through prevention methods tailored to that individual’s risks. A positive test result—and a confirmatory diagnosis—is never welcome news, but for people living with HIV, it is a necessary first step towards a long and healthy life.



Introduction and summary

Knowledge is power. These words of wisdom have been passed down through the centuries. Initially this “power” likely referred to political power—the power to rule over others—but by the Age of Enlightenment, the power provided by knowledge was considered more personal. Knowledge gave individuals power over their environment and circumstances: the power to control their own destiny.


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