• 23 Oct 2013
  • United Nations
  • Pages: 249
The second Environmental Performance Review of Romania takes stock of the progress made by Romania in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2001. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations contained in...
This paper adds a perspective to existing research on child protection by engaging in a debate on intersectional discrimination and its relationship to child protection. The paper has a twofold objective, (1) to further establish intersectionality as...
  • 20 Apr 2018
  • United Nations
AGREEMENT ON SOCIAL SECURITY BE-TWEEN CANADA AND ROMANIA. OT-TAWA, 19 NOVEMBER 2009 [United Na-tions, Treaty Series, vol. 2817, I-49399.]
  • 12 Dec 2017
  • United Nations
Agreement on economic and trade cooperation between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Government of Romania. Buenos Aires, 27 November 1990
  • 13 Nov 2017
  • United Nations
In Romania, annual non-financial national accounts are elaborated by Department of National Accounts and Macroeconomic Synthesis from General Department of National Accounts and Macroeconomic Synthesis, National Institute of Statistics (NIS) located...
Loan Agreement (Social Assistance System Modernization Project) between Romania and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (with schedules, appendix and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development General Conditions for...
  • 06 Nov 2017
  • United Nations
Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of Romania for cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the fields of industry, research and development (with annexes). Bucharest, 3 February 2004
It is unclear when prostitution, defined as the exchange of money or goods for sexual services, began in Romania, but given the existence of slavery among the Roma population in the Romanian territories until the late nineteenth century, as well as...
Agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and Romania on the operation of the Instituto Cervantes Spanish Language Center in Bucharest and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid. Madrid, 19 October 2010
Agreement on the suppression of visas in diplomatic, official and special passports of Ecuador and diplomatic and service passports of Romania. Quito, 8 March 1991
Agreement between the romanian people’s republic and the democratic people's republic of korea concerning cultural cooperation. Pyongyang, 12 May 1956 [United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 342, I-4908.]
Agreement between the government of the republic of cyprus and the government of the socialist republic of romania on maritime navigation. Nicosia, 25 October 1983 [United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 1418, I-23723.]
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