Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution 2010

Part C - Persistent Organic Pollutants

image of Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution 2010
This is one part of a four-volume set that presents a state-of-the-science assessment of the intercontinental transport of air pollutants across the Northern Hemisphere. The first three volumes are technical assessments of the state-of-science with respect to intercontinental transport of ozone and particulate matter, mercury, and persistent organic pollutants. The fourth volume is a synthesis of the main findings and recommendations of Parts A, B, and C organized around a series of policy-relevant questions that were identified at the Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution’s first meeting.



Impacts of long-range transport of persistent organic pollutants on human health and ecosystems

The ubiquity of POPs globally has led to global impacts of POPs on human health and ecosystems. While the prevalence of POPs in the environment is generally greater in areas where they are emitted, they can be transported over very long distances, as has been detailed in previous chapters. This long-range transport of POPs results in impacts of POPs on ecosystems and human health both near the source and far away.


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