Review of developments in transport in Asia and the Pacific 2013

Transport as a key to sustainable development and regional integration

image of Review of developments in transport in Asia and the Pacific 2013
This review is biennially produced by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). It describes the environment within which the transport sector is developing and the principal challenges that this environment poses to governments, the transport industry and society at large. The publication also focuses on tracing the significant development of roads, railways, shipping, ports, inland waterways and air transport industries and infrastructure in the region. In addition, it considers the changing delivery mechanisms across all transport sectors and discusses urban transport issues. Finally, the review examines the process of globalization, trade agreements related to transport, regionalism, collocation of production transport facilities, as well as intermodal transport systems.



Promoting sustainable transport for inclusive development

With half the world’s people now living in cities and towns, the provision of integrated and inclusive urban transportation systems is a critical challenge in the region. Meanwhile, the increasing numbers of fatalities due to road accidents in the region are a major cause for concern requiring urgent action. These two substantive issues, urban mobility and road safety will be further explored in this chapter, with innovative strategies and policies that could make transportation more sustainable and inclusive in the region. Examples of initiatives and projects that are making positive change will also be showcased.


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