Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2015

Transport for Sustainable Development and Regional Connectivity

image of Review of Developments in Transport in Asia and the Pacific 2015
This latest biennial Review sets out transport developments in the ESCAP region, focusing ontrade trends and forecasts, and their effect on transport, while also taking into account the external factors affecting transport systems and infrastructure provision, in the context of transport’s contribution the UN global agenda on sustainable development. The Review acts as a mechanism for reporting on the achievements made in the provision of transport infrastructure and services; the challenges remaining in regional, urban and rural connectivity; and on public health issues such as road safety and fossil fuel emissions.



Regional transport connectivity

Over the past fifty years, infrastructure networks have grown more rapidly in the Asia and the Pacific than in any other region in the world. Significant progress has been made in linking major production and consumption centres with roads, railways, airports and seaports. At the same time, governments have put a lot of effort in upgrading and improving the quality of those networks, with the region now boasting world class highways and high-speed railway systems, as well as some of the busiest ports and aviation hubs in the world.


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