Review of Maritime Transport 2013

image of Review of Maritime Transport 2013

As in previous issues since 1968, the 2013 Review of Maritime Transport contains a wealth of analysis and unique data. The Review is the renowned United Nations source of statistics and analysis on seaborne trade, the world fleet, freight costs, port traffic and the latest trends in the legal and regulatory environment for international maritime transport. This year’s Review includes the 10 year time series of unique data on liner shipping connectivity. Underlining recent research that suggests that containerization had a stronger impact on driving globalization than trade liberalization, the Review discusses global developments in containership deployment, and then looks at trends liner shipping connectivity in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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Port developments

This chapter covers container port throughput, port finance, selected global port development projects and efforts aimed at assessing port performance. World container port throughput increased by an estimated 3.8 per cent to 601.8 million TEUs in 2012. This increase was lower than the estimated 7.3 per cent increase of 2011. The share of Chinese mainland ports in total world container port throughput remains at an estimated 25 per cent. The financing of port infrastructure remains strong as investors continue to seek long-term stable returns. Recent efforts by port customers to assess port performance are leading towards an era of increased transparency in port operations that could spur greater interport competition, increased port performance and reduced transport costs.

English Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese

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