Spectrum of Border Crossing Facilitation Activities

image of Spectrum of Border Crossing Facilitation Activities
This brochure presents the broad spectrum of UN Conventions relevant for border crossing facilitation and of which the UNECE Inland Transport Committee is the custodian, as well as other activities and tools that can make international movement of cargo and people efficient and thus improve access to markets and opportunities at global, regional and sub-regional scales.



UNECE spectrum of border crossing facilitation activities

Transport has been one of the main driving forces of globalization as well as a pre-requisite for the development of world trade. Transport costs, and particularly the costs of long distance transport, have gone down continuously, thanks to numerous technological innovations like the commercial operations of the steamship, the development of railways as well as the emergence of motorized road vehicles, the constantly increasing size of vessels and other vehicles, the standardization of loading units, in combination with the eventual emergence of containers and Information Technology (IT) supported fleet-and route-management.


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