TIR 手册

Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention, 1975)

image of TIR 手册

The first section describes the TIR transit system, its coverage, objective and functioning and analyses possible future developments. The second section contains the complete text of the TIR Convention. The third section contains related resolutions and recommendations.

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1.根据1975年11月14日在日内瓦签署、后经修正的《TIR证国际货物运输海关公约》(《1975年TIR公约》) (下称《TIR公约》)第6条第1款,…… (国名/关税或经济联盟名称)的…… (主管机关名称)特此授权…… (协会名称)颁发《TIR公约》下的TIR证和在…… (国名/关税或经济联盟名称)境内提供担保,条件是该协会完全达到《TIR公约》附件9第一部分规定的最低限度条件和要求。

Chinese English, Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic

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