Together with UNECE on the Road to Safety

Cutting Road Traffic Deaths and Injuries in Half by 2020

image of Together with UNECE on the Road to Safety
Roughly 1.25 million people die each year around the world in traffic accidents. This report covers goals set by the United Nations Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety, introduced in 2011. It provides a comprehensive overview, including the status and key results of its goals, as well as descriptions of specific UNECE Inland Transport Committee initiatives and information on the challenges the road safety community faces. The main conclusion is that political will, and the introduction and use of national strategies are likely to be the difference makers in halving the number of deaths and injuries by 2020. The path to road safety is a personal, societal and an organizational obligation as a joint responsibility outlined in this publication.



Road safety governance

Few activities benefit from the guidance of an instructor’s words or helping hand, or the rules established by a society, as does driving a car or riding a two-wheeled vehicle. Road users often learn as young people what it means to be “behind the wheel”; they take courses or instruction from approved schools that know the rules, and get tested to acquire the right to drive. Finally, as part of a globalized world with increasingly fewer borders and ever-expanding tourism, they appreciate having similar rules and regulations in different countries, which makes the time spent on the road a great deal easier – and safer.


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